Effective July 1st, the Tulsa Development Authority has partnered with the Tulsa Authority for Economic Opportunity to transform Tulsa's economic development efforts. Please visit the Connect page for information on our new office location, and the Meet the Team page to see a full list of staff supporting our economic development work.
Please contact the following staff for assistance:

  • Kian KamasExecutive Director - kkamas@cityoftulsa.org: All inquiries related to Tulsa's economic development strategy and TDA's partnership with the Tulsa Authority for Economic Opportunity and its impact on the historic and future work of TDA.
  • Nia JamesDirector of Real Estate and Asset Management - njames@cityoftulsa.org: All inquiries related to TDA-owned real estate and properties, including requests for temporary use permits, acquisition inquiries, or inquiries related to active contracts.
  • Demauri MyersNeighborhood Revitalization Manager - drmyers@cityoftulsa.org: All inquiries related to TDA sector plans, current or planned neighborhood redevelopment projects, or general inquiries related to redevelopment efforts.
  • Iesha Youngblood, Executive Assistant and Board Secretary - iyoungblood@cityoftulsa.org: All inquiries related to meetings of the Board of Commissioners. For requests to place an item for consideration on an upcoming Board Agenda, please cc: Kian Kamas, Executive Director.